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Welcome to Dorado Construction

All construction projects are different and present their own specific set of challenges to everyone involved. At DORADO CONSTRUCTION INC. we offer a variety of services to handle these challenges and meet the needs of our clients. Below is a list and description of the services we offer to our clients. If you are considering a construction project for your company contact us. We work with our clients to not only develop the plans for a new build-out, but also to develop a line item budget that will show the anticipated costs. We then work with our client and those numbers to achieve where the dollar is best spent, and get the bottom line to where is has to be to meet our client’s needs.

Traditional Method
The client retains an architect to perform the design services, and construction is performed by a general contractor. The design, procurement and construction proceed in a sequential order.

The client contracts with DORADO CONSTRUCTION INC. to provide the total design and construction services needed for the project, often called a “turn-key” project. Dorado will assemble (and employ) a team of architects-engineers and space planners licensed and certified in California and Nevada, along with the necessary sub-contractors to provide the client with a better building experience and finished project. It has been said that, “The only real opportunity for saving money in a construction project is during the planning phase . . . beyond that point, money can only be spent. ” The Design / Build method creates that opportunity by assembling a team at the beginning of the project, rather than segmenting it up.

Construction Management
As defined in a construction dictionary, "A project delivery system that differs from the traditional design-bid-build system by utilizing the services of a construction manager who becomes a member of the team of owner-architect-construction manager. The manager’s role is to coordinate and communicate the entire project process, utilizing his skill and knowledge of construction to clarify cost and time consequences of design decisions as well as their construction feasibility; and to manage the bidding, award and construction phases of the project."


Kerry Hibbs, President
Diane Hibbs, Vice President